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Art No:- LSC-VP-760
Description:- STANDARD Trocar
Size:- With Stopcock 6.0mm dia (Brass) 12 cm
Art No:- LSC-VP-761
Description:- NELSON Trocar Thorax 25 fg (Brass)
Size:- 21 cm  Fig:- 1
Art No:- LSC-VP-762
Description:- NELSON Trocar Thorax 30 fg (Brass)
Size:- 21 cm  Fig:- 2
Art No:- LSC-VP-764
Description:- NELSON Trocar Thorax 35 fg (Brass)
Size:- 21 cm  Fig:- 4
Art No:- LSC-VP-765
Description:- KRAUSE Trocar 5.5mm dia (Brass)
Art No:- LSC-VP-763
Description:- NELSON Trocar Thorax 33 fg (Brass)
Size:- 21 cm  Fig:- 3
Art No:- LSC-VP-767
Description:- FLEURANT Trocar 5.0mm dia (Brass)
Size:- 23 cm
Art No: LSC-VP-766
Description: DUKE Trocar & Cannula 5.5mm dia
Size: 11 cm
Art No:- LSC-VP-768
Description:- FLEURANT Trocar & Cannula 5.0mm dia
Size:- 23 cm
Art No:- LSC-VP-770
Description:- OCHSNER Trocar Thorax 10fg (Brass)
Art No:- LSC-VP-769
Description:- BUELAU Trocar (Brass)
Size:- 24 cm
Art No:- LSC-VP-771
Description:- OCHSNER Trocar Thorax 12fg (Brass)
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