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SURGICAL THOREX AIDS                                       PAGE 01
Art No:- LSC-TA-710
Description:- Jackson
Sizes:- 16 cm, 23 cm
Art No:- LSC-TA-711
Description:- Jurasz
Size:- 22 cm
Art No:- LSC-TA-712
Description:- Finochietto Baby
Sizes:- 75 mm Spread, 18 mm Depth, 20 mm Width
Art No:- LSC-TA-713
Description:- Finochietto
165 mm Spread
40 mm Depth
40 mm Width
Art No:- LSC-TA-714
Description:- Finochietto
200 mm Spread
45 mm Depth
55 mm Width
Name:- LSC-TA-715
Description:- Finochietto
250 mm Spread
70 mm Depth
65 mm Width
Art No:- LSC-TA-717
Description:- Stille
Sizes:- 21 cm
Art No:- LSC-TA-718
Description:- Gluck
Size:- 19 cm
Name:- LSC-TA-716
Description:- Finochietto
300 mm Spread