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SURGICAL RETRACTOR                                          PAGE 01
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Art No:- LSC-RT-460
Description:- Parker-Langenbeck
Size:- US Army 21 cm
Art No:- LSC-RT-461
Description:- Mathieu
Size:- 20 cm
Art No:- LSC-RT-462
Description:- Crile
Size:- 11.5 cm
Art No:- LSC-RT-463
Description:- MathieuParker
Size:- 13.5 cm
Art No:- LSC-RT-466
Description:- Roux Baby
Size:- 13 cm
Art No:- LSC-RT-467
Description:- Roux Baby
Size:- 13 cm
Art No:- LSC-RT-468
Description:- Richardson Eastman
Art No:- LSC-RT-469
Description:- Reverdin
Art No:- LSC-RT-464
Description:- Collin Hartmann ( US Army)
Size:- 16.5 cm
Art No:- LSC-RT-465
Description:- Goelet
Size:- 20 cm