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OBESTETRICS INSTRUMENTS                                 PAGE 02
Art No:- LSC-OB-420
Description:- Martin Pelvimeters
Size:- 34 cm
Art No:- LSC-OB-421
Description:- Green-Armtage Forceps
Size:- 21 cm
Art No:- LSC-OB-422
Description:- Simposon Obstetrical Forceps
Size:- 30 cm
Art No:- LSC-OB-423
Description:- Naegele Obstetrical Forceps
Size:- 36 cm, 40 cm
Art No:- LSC-OB-424
Description:- Kielland Obstetrical Forceps
Size:- 41 cm
Art No:- LSC-OB-425
Description:- Simpson-Braun Obstetrical Forceps
Size:- 36 cm
Art No:- LSC-OB-426
Description:- Pestalozza Curette
Size:- 30 cm
Art No:- LSC-OB-427
Description:- Winter Forceps
Size:- 28 cm