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SURGICAL RECTAL SPECULUM                             PAGE 01
Art No:- LSC-1032
Description:- Pratt Ractal Speculum With Set Screw Blade 8.9cm Long 2.5cm Wide at Distal End
Size:- 21.6cm
Art No:- LSC-1030
Description:- Sims Ractal Speculum With Set Screw Fenestrated Blade 8.9cm Long 1.6cm Wide at Distal End
Size:- 15.2cm
Art No:- LSC-1031
Description:- Bodenhammer Ractal Speculum Long
Size:- With Set Screw Blade 8.9cm Long 1.9cm Wide at Distal End
Art No:- LSC-1035
Description:- Barr Anal Retractor Self Retaining Blade
Size:-  7x 2.2cm
Art No:- LSC-1036
Description:- Kelly Proctoscope
21 x 50 mm, 22 x 50 mm
27 x 50 mm, 22 x 100 mm
Art No: LSC-1038
Description: Kelly Proctoscope
22 x 140 mm, 22 x 160 mm
22 x 200 mm
Art No: LSC-1037
Description: Ricord Rectal Speculam
Art No:- LSC-1034
Description:- Schulze Bergmann Rectal Spec
23x60mm. 22cm
Art No: LSC-1040
Description: Bensaude Anascope
19x70mm, 20x70mm, 22x70mm
Art No: LSC-1041
Description: Naunton Morgan Proctoscope with Light
1 2
Art No: LSC-1033
Description: Made from solid metal, This Mathieu Rectal Speculum has three Adjustable prongs
Size: 3.5"
Art No: LSC-1039
Description: Gabriel
64x24mm, 49x19mm